About Us

Who Are We?

AirCond Malaysia is your One-Stop Online Air Conditioner Service Provider, in Malaysia. We aim to bring you the best air conditioner providers in your local area for all your air conditioning needs, including advice, unit supply, installation, maintenance and repair. We will connect you with the right supplier and technician in all areas around Malaysia, starting with Kuala Lumpur.


Why AirCond Malaysia?

Our mission is to connect you, our visitors with the right air conditioner service provider at no cost to you. Our site is built for easy navigation, contact enquiry, and offer information on any air conditioner’s enquiries you may have. You deal directly with us and we follow up with our service to ensure our technicians and team live up to the standards we set:

  • Personalized Service
  • Skilled
  • Qualified
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Punctual
  • Competitive Pricing

We choose who we work with very carefully and we verify their backgrounds to ensure they comply with the standards we have set, and to meet your expectation of quality service.

Our service teams are professionals who are skilled, trained and offer competitive rates for the job required. We aim to deliver quality and top rated services that guarantees value for money.

TRY US NOW and you will be glad you did!