Air Conditioner Installation

Just bought a new air conditioner and
looking for a qualified reliable installer?


A new air conditioner must be professionally installed to prevent damage to your air conditioner that may arise from improper handling and wiring mistakes, which may result in leaking air conditioner or electrical shocks.

A qualified installer will also determine the best position to place your air conditioner’s compressor for optimum cooling efficiency. Most importantly, proper installation ensures your air conditioner is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and keeps your family safe and cool with low running cost.


Generally, most air conditioner manufacturers and suppliers provide a one year warranty for free labour and electrical parts, and five years warranty for compressors for air conditioners under 3hp. Air conditioners which are above 3 hp and need 3-phase wiring carry a one year compressor warranty.


Air conditioner installation can vary depending on the type of systems you have. Installation of commercial systems, split systems and cassette type air conditioners is more complicated and needs to be installed correctly to ensure that they operate safely and efficiently.



Experienced and qualified installers have the skills and relevant background needed to install all parts of your air conditioner to ensure it complies with the manufacturer’s installation requirement. You should also look for an installer who can provide you regular maintenance and/ or future repairs.


Our experienced technicians can install and service all kinds of air conditioner units and system:

1. Central Air Conditioner (Cassette/Ceiling Type)

  • Single Unit
  • Split System Unit
  • Multi Split Units

2. Room Air Conditioner

  • Wall Unit
  • Window Mounted Unit


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