Air Conditioner Repair

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Your air conditioner can break down or freeze up because of over usage, broken parts and poor maintenance, especially in Malaysia where air conditioners are in use 24/7 due to the hot and humid weather whole year round.

When considering air conditioner repair, sometime it may be time for a new replacement. Most air conditioners have a life span of 10 to 15 years.


air-cond-repairOlder and inefficient air conditioners can cause exponential electric bills and even potential health risks. If your air conditioner system is getting on in years, and keeps having breakdowns, it could be time to think of getting a new cooling unit as frequent repairs can often be more costly and lead to more stress for you and your family.


However, if your air conditioner is young but is no longer covered by warranty and it fails to work, you will need a one-off fast and reliable air conditioner repair.

Our technicians won’t just fix your defective unit and its immediate problems, they will warn you about any other issues that may jeopardize your equipment in the future ad are happy to offer remedies and solutions to ensure you have peace of mind about your air conditioner whole year round.


Contact us for fully qualified mobile technicians who will visit you to determine the fault and get you back to your cooling comfort with as little inconvenience as possible.  Don’t live with a leaking or noisy air conditioner! Call us now at 010 – 983 2089.

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